Chapter 7. The secret to happiness

Crocodile came to spend time with the kids today. After spending the day together I can say that we do not go together like ketchup and mustard.

His constant crocodile moves and noises just get on my head. Mealtimes are problematic also as he just won’t stay put. And since crocodiles cannot speak very well, I often find myself talking alone, frustrated. Saying things in a language that crocodile can’t understand, and he feels the other way around. So he left to go out with his mates and I stayed home on Valentines’ Day.

Luckily enough I heard back from a good friend of mine who is a mother of 3 boys and has been married for over twenty years. She and her husband met while they were in their teens, they were surf mates. How cool is that? They surf when surfing wasn’t even cool so that makes them the coolest. They got married, moved to the States and they did that with three small children also. If anybody could share the secret to happiness that is my friend. I know for a fact that she has had her share of problems, imagine being the only woman in the house with three boys that became teenagers before she even knew it and a hyperactive husband, but she always had a smile in her face, she always had patience for each of these male and she always put herself second.

“Smile at the world or the world won’t smile at you” she says to me. Be ready to give more than you receive. Smile and be patient because “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. Your small children will go from saying “I love you mom to I hate you mom before you even know it”. Let’s talk then.

If that is so, it means that those who love you the most are just meant to hurt you the most and since I do not have a better definition for love I will say that to love someone is to really love that person’s imperfections and to make those imperfections a necessity in your life.

Good night and Happy Valentine’s Day.


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