Chapter 9. He is not really into you

There are many signs that tell us that a man is not into you. In fact, I remember an episode of Sex & the City that covered that topic. The problem is that women, when in love or enfatuated, tend to ignore the signs. They convince themselves that the man that they love does love them back when in fact, he is just taking advantage of your willingness to give more than they are willing to give back. You tend to magnify whenever he does something for you and to minimize the many occasions when he puts himself first. Of course I was one of those women when it came to crocodile.

The first alert happened when I left what had been my family residence to that date. Coinciding with the time when I brutally broke the news to Prince Charming that I was leaving him for crocodile my lease was up. Crocodile then convinced me to move to another apartment because according to him, my apartment was not so good for the price. He offered to pay for the new apartment and my divorce lawyer (of course he never did any of that).

He could have very well asked me to move in together at that point. After all, I was leaving my husband, my previous life and most of my friends would no longer talk to me after my abrupt move. I was willing to do all of that in order to try to domesticate a crocodile. But he on the other hand, was quite good at playing it safe. As cold blooded as a crocodile can be, he thought that a nice apartment for me and my son would do for the moment. That way if things did not work out the cut would be nice and clean. The second alert came when he decided that a Macbook air was a good birthday present. Guys listen to this: unless your girlfriend is a geek, most women don’t appreciate technology or kitchen appliances as presents on special occasions.

As I sit here writing these things I remember the day Prince Charming prepared a full day birthday bash for me on my re/30th birthday. He though that since I was 7 months pregnant with his son when I turned 30, I hadn’t had a proper 30th birthday celebration, so he made it up to me the following year. The day started with a huge bouquet of balloons, a surprise birthday song sang by my incredibly talented doorman on my way to my spa appointment, a locker full of brand new clothes and a LV bag after my spa treatment, tea for two at the Peninsula Hotel, a special customized wine-paired birthday dinner menu at my favorite restaurant, with my closest Chicago friends followed by a party at a night club with the rest of my friends, and to top it all, a weekend in the Caribbean with my girlfriends as a present.

Guys, if you are into a girl and you want to show her your love it is not necessary to do all of those things on her birthday, one thing will suffice, simply remember the date of your girlfriends’ birthday, do something meaningful for her and stay away away from the appliances section.


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