Chapter 11. Whatsapp obsessed

A group of 40 year old mothers gather at the cafe outside the School of music. They send their kids to the most exclusive school of the city. One of them seems devastated, from what I can overhear her husband just left her, he moved out and she is suffering a lot. She is holding her iPhone while she texts obsessively. She reads what she sends and what she receives out loud to her friends therefore everyone around them can hear it also:

“I just sent him a message saying that I miss him, isn’t it nice to send your husband a message saying that you miss him?” Her friends: “Men don’t appreciate that kind of attention when they want to leave you, they are bothered by it, leave him alone”. “He read it, he doesn’t respond”. I feel her pain. A few minutes later he replies “I am busy” she whatsapps back “Have you forgotten about me, you don’t even care to respond to my whatspps?” He answers: “I am at work, sweetie”. “He said sweetie, you see? he is still so good hearted” she concludes.

You would think that women at this age would be too wise and experienced to have such obsessive behavior toward men and relationships but reality proves me wrong. A man can send you 178 SMS and pay for them if he is interested in you, but send him three or four (or 40) nice whatsapps saying that you need them or miss them when they no longer want you and they will think that you are a real pain in the neck.

What is with relationships and whatapps these days? Would it be possible to go back to a whatssapp free life? I am not taking about a life without mobile phones, that would be too much to ask for but what about mobile phones like the ones we used to have back in the day? The kind that would receive and initiate calls? I would totally sing up for that because that way we would be able to focus on the here and now.

I honestly scare myself sometimes when it comes to mobile phone usage and since I like to observe human behavior I am scared of other people also and their phones. The other day I read a funny post that a local comedian called David Perdomo did on the topic. It was about people who walk their dogs and look at their phones at the same time. His message was clear “look after your dog specially when your dog is busy taking a dump idiot, how would you like to be pulled while you are I the middle of a deposition? I think he is totally right but who am I to talk? When it comes to mobile phone overdosis we are all guilty as charged.

Caramel color hair is in by the way. I saw it on Facebook.


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