Chapter 12. A woman of much importance

A year has gone by since my dear friend asked me to write about life. That day everything seemed gloomy and done, the persistent rain against the windows and the thick walls of crocodile´s gigantic mansion were oppresing my chest. Suddenly, I felt like a bird who had suffered from a long time injury and was there, stronger after enduring lots of pain, spreading its wings and getting ready to test them before relearning how to fly again.

After reading my last chapter my friend had invited me out for lunch at my hometown’s hot spot of the moment. Normally, I would have jumped in the car and met her in a few minutes but that day I declined her offer. My friend, another gorgeous and inspiring women, had recently gone through a painful divorce herself with a man that she had empowered to be his best version. A well know asthetic surgeon, two beautiful children. The whole nine yards.

While her husbands´ popularity and bank account continued to grow thanks to her, my friend had spent her best years putting herlself second. “It is educational”, she used to say. Our mothers have thaught us to enhance our men and to stand behind them. Luckily, this is no longer the case for the new generations, but it is the case for many of us born in Southern Europe in the mid seventies. If we both have jobs, ours is almost the one that takes second place in order to allow time for the children´s upbringing, school work and extra curricular activities. The problem is that this kind of arrangement only works if you marry for life like they used to back in the day,  (probably out of need or moral). At that point, you are, as a woman, sold; given the fact that your husband and not you becomes your greatest asset. If they decide to leave you, you might end up living in a nice flat with a nice pension and a pitiful dating scene. But don´t you dare to leave them! Do that and you will see how the man that you spent years empowering becomes the most ungreatful pig in the piggy farm.

She said to me “tell your story” it is really worth sharing, you are a woman of much importance. So I did. And before I knew it these pages were read by thousands of women all over the world, who identified themselves in the story, in chapter 5, in chapter 9, who sent me loving messages of encouragement during those difficult times.

I am now sitting at a café in Santa Bárbara, my two children are playing next to me.  I am 11,000 miles away from that painful moment.

Life is good.


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