Chapter 16. Back on the market

What happens to women when they are back on the market after many years married? How do you go from being Mrs. to being Ms. again? For guys is no problem at all. The day they walk out the door if not earlier they are ready to mess around with someone new. They move by instinct. For most women however is more of a process unless the woman was already infatuated by someone else.

Let’s say that by the time you end your marriage or long time relationship there is no other man in the horizon. It is likely that after a few months, your close friends (married or single) will start setting up dates for you to meet other people. That is typically fine because the meeting happens in a very controlled scenario. Normally your friends make a plan that facilitates the encounter and everything flows naturally. If after the first shared evening you think that the guy is cute enough you let your friend(s) know and they arrange for another plan that allows you to see the person again. You can do that until you determine whether or not the the other person is worth or really interested on a one-on-one date with you.

But there are other situations that arise that are much trickier for a lady who is not used to the dating scene, specially for nice polite women unaware of the unwritten rules of dating who are unprepared to deal with those male acquaintances that had been interested in them from a distance and now feel entitled to an opportunity. This type of guys will think that it is now ok for them to call you on your mobile phone in the middle of the day to “check on you” to offer you their support during these difficult times and to tell you that you can count on them for whatever you need when what they want in fact, is to get in your panties fast. You don’t know it yet but for them, you have the word AVAILABLE written all over your face.

Soon after I broke up with crocodile my entire town knew about it. Naturally, after a crocodile relationship two things can happen: either you seclude yourself at home with your children and feel that dating is inappropriate for you for the moment, or you hit the dance floor and start dating everything that moves like a headless chicken that doesn’t know where it’s going. Guys know this and most of them think that after a break up you will be in the second group.

Beware of the dog.


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