Chapter 18. Meeting Fifi

“The guys on the next boat are checking you out” Our skipper announced. We had been sailing for 8 days around Sardinia, dealing with the Mistral winds instead of sunbathing pleasantly on the deck as we had planned so by the time we reached Porto Cervo we were ready to have some fun. Our skipper, a middle aged Dutch man with a bite, knew this.

“Yes, they are totally checking you out and from what I can see there are at least 6 guys aboard. It is a Dutch boat, look at the flag”.

He was right, the boat next door to ours was anchored at a close enough distance to distinguish the colors of the Dutch flag. My friend Cecile grabbed the monoculars and started to laugh histerically when she realized that our neighbors were holding monoculars too for the same purpose.

“I’m going over there” Frank said. “After all, we Dutchmen are supposed to say Hello to each other whenever they meet at sea, it’s a cultural thing”. Before we knew it he was off on his zodiac while Sonia, his girlfriend and assistant gave him “the nasty look”.

I was inside the cabin when all the commotion began. At the time, I was already having major problems with crocodile and I was taking sleeping pills that kept me groogy well until noon. By the time I woke up each morning, my girlfriends had already gone swimming back and forward to the nearest beach, they had played in the water with the paddle board and they had had their breakfast. I was the only Spaniard in the group, living up to the stereotype of “drama queen” I suppose. Even though I would join the fun late each day, I would add my 5 cents quickly. I felt so thankful to be woken up by their laughter and smell of fresh brewed coffee and brioche.

An hour had gone by and Frank was not back which was clearly upsetting his girlfriend Sonia. Being the good American girl that she was, she jumped on the paddle board and paddled as fast as one could possibly imagine all the way to the next door boat, a three deck yatch that put our tiny sailing boat to shame.

Despite the obvious differences, the sole  idea that there were six of us (six single ladies) on a sailing boat was enough reason to catch our neighbors’ attention and judging by their acrobatic jumps into the water from the highest deck of their boat I am pretty sure that they wanted to catch our attention too…

Sonia came back 10 minutes later with fresh news and her recuperated boyfriend. The existence of six single attractive boys on the neighboring boat was at that moment confirmed. Conveniently, there were six of us plus Sonia, the skipper’s girlfriend.

“I got there and they were already having whiskey and beer. These guys are party animals! Said Sonia. “They said they would love to meet you for after dinner drinks at Porto Cervo tonight”. She had not finished her sentence when we saw two guys jet skiing towards our boat.

“Hello ladies, if you are not too busy we would like to meet you later this evening, how does it sound?”. Aurelie, the groups’ spokeswoman closed the deal when she exchanged mobile phones.

And that is how we met Fifi.


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