Chapter 28. Slow living is back

If I have learned something from experience is that there are alphas and there are fake alphas in the world. Real alphas (men or women) are quieter, they don’t need to be the center of attention or to brag about how much they know, they tend to listen more than they say, either because they don’t want to break a precious silence or simply because they do not want to put the other person to shame by speaking up. They think that they have more to gain and to learn by listening to others and by observing them than by sharing the first thing that comes to their mind. They are usually gentle with other people’s feelings given the fact that their acts and their actions are thought throughly before they occur.

Now that meditation, slow food, slow drinking and slow living is appreciated and fashionable, true alphas can reign since they finally begin to feel at ease with the world. Their appreciation for life is not on the outcome of what we do (mostly because this sort of individuals think that the outcome will be the same regardless of what we do) rather they focus on the moment.

While we were busy with our fast pace lives traveling to places and accomplishing things, documenting our achievements and posting them on Facebook, alphas or older souls (as I think of them) closer to reaching Nirvana were busy going on a much more interesting place, an inner journey. The most exciting place to be, and the scariest.

India is perhaps the only place that I have visited that could be close to having that effect. There is something in the atmosphere that makes us feel uncomfortable and amazed at the same time. The contrast of the big cities like Mombay with the country’s overwhelming slow pace and that of its inhabitants, makes you really wonder about what we are doing with our time.

I remember meeting a girl in the tea plantations of Kerala. Our conversation took place behind a fence because she was working on the farm. When she listened to me and my friends speaking in English she approached me and said “Hello, how are you doing? Are you from America?” “Yes, we come from Philadelphia, how are you? I said “My name is Nizha, pleased to meet you. I spent one year living and studying in California, I got into an exchange program with a scholarship. Now I am back here because my visa expired. I will never be married. I am too poor and I have seen to much according to men of my caste. I hope you enjoy your stay. India is a beautiful country”. And she left smiling on her way to feeding the chickens.

Happy Women’s Day.


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