Chapter 35. About Prince Charming

“They are all Prince Charming” she said to me, “until one day, without any notice, they stop acting like Prince Charming and they turn into toad, not a todd, a toad. That is what happens when reality hits”.

So let me get this straight: Prince Charming doesn’t exist? “Not really, men worry, mostly about themselves, but will only be happy with a woman that does not complain about her day, her needs, a woman that looks great and dresses well of course without spending too much, but above all, a woman that seems content, someone without problems, a woman that never ever complains about her day”. “That and no other is the secret behind happiness for most guys” she kept going. Why do you think 50 shades of Gray was a best seller? Because if men want a woman that doesn’t complain, women want a man that makes them their priority, worries about their well being while respecting (or learning to respect) personal boundaries and who doesn’t have to worry about making ends meet. If you have ever met a guy like Grey you are a lucky girl. Why? Because women want to dominate while getting the sense that they are being dominated. Just like it happens in the book.  In the end, she  (Anastasia) is the one who is in charge.

But as we know, the reality is that most women don’t spend their lives with a man like Grey and that is why they like reading a book about what it would be like to have that kind of life.

I know, it is heart breaking, we spent our childhood watching Disney movies and believing that the day would come when we could relax and live oblivious to evil. The thing is, when we watch those movies again (and most of us with children do just that on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon) we look at the Prince and go “Mmmmm…I am not so sure about him”. You can’t help wondering about their life after the happy ending. Did she get a job or did she stay in the castle? Did he go hunting every weekend? What about her? Was she happy in palace? Did she get along with the in-laws? After all, she came out of nowhere…and then, their background, so different…Did they really live happily ever after? Who did the dishes? The animals from the forest? They barely knew each other!

There are gentlemen out there in the world that want to be knights and that will come up to girls wearing their (fake) armour, riding their horse and showing off their power. They go after their princess and go for as good as it gets as they work on delivering the expected dream.

The problem is that we are no longer fulfilled by the “happy” ending. Women want more these days. We are not exactly sure about what that is because sometimes trying to do it all results in madness, stressful lifestyles that make us always feel half way there, professionally and/or personally. There is a general sense of confusion about the role of women in the modern world, business and family wise.

For example, when it comes to family management, are we doing it right? And what constitutes doing it right for you? Just wondering…


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