Chapter 40. It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person and impossible with an idiot

“Everything that I see happening here should be on a book. I simply cannot believe what is going on, how does he dare to talk to you like that? In front of me! “You don’t deserve this. You know, for a while I thought that you would be exaggerating, but this guy is not even a typical Spaniard, this guy is a freaking gorilla, a small town man. It’s not that he cannot be with you, he cannot be with anybody!” My friend sentenced.

“I don’t understand how you can put up with this and not say a word back. I am a bitch, I would say something back or make a scene. I swear. You are a good mother, you hear me? You are a good person with many good things and please don’t allow this small town asshole and his family to put you or your son down, they can kiss your global butt”. She kept going.

I knew she was right but said nothing back to crocodile when he accused me of not minding my daughter properly and accused me of her falling in the park in front of my friend, when he made me feel bad for not having a spare sweater for her when she spilt some juice on herself. I had everything else: underwear, long sleeve tshirt, spare pants, socks. She would be fine, she even had a wind jacket and it was 70 degrees. But he had to put me down, and in public.

I had decided long ago not to argue with crocodile. After all, winning an argument with a smart person is hard but winning an argument with an idiot is nearly impossible. When this incident happened at the park, I had spent four weekends in a row looking after my children alone while he was out having fun. Somebody smart would come home and at least try to show gratitude but this guy was just too sexist and too much of an idiot for that.

How many times one can waste time and energy arguing with someone who does not want to understand? Who has not hit a wall whenever explaining the reason and the point of things to someone who does not reason? How did it make you feel? Frustrated. Exhausted. Angry. Perhaps sick.

So that is my point.


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