Chapter 42. Hope

It´s a beautiful word, as well as faith,  which in fact are not so different.

These two words tell you that everything is going to work out sooner or later. They have some friends called time and patience. Together, they make every pain go away. They make room for forgiveness and the most important, love.

I hope for love, I have faith in love. Why? Because love moves the world. It inspires me to write this blog, it inspires me to call that friend who I´ve not seen for so long and with whom I used to be so close. Hope is what establishes new friendships, new business ventures. We all hope for the best.

I have had faith for many months when things looked bad, I hoped for a better life and it unfolded before my eyes eventually. There were days where I felt hopeless and those where the worst days. So, whatever happens don´t loose your faith. It does no matter how much you have been hurt, it does not matter how much harm you have caused to a loved one. Hope for forgiveness and don´t loose your faith.

If that person loves you they will forgive because they too, are hopeful for you.


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