Chapter 58. Closure

A crocodile would leave his daughter crying by the door and left. She was sick, with a fever, he had not seen her in almost a month.

“I need to go see this woman Rachel, I cannot live like this. She left me. I already have a job offer and I am supposed to start working there on Monday but right now I do not know if moving to California makes any sense. Please keep her and I will forever be greatful. By the way, you look gorgeous, your house is a home, I am a piece of shit”.

At that moment I lost any kind of respect or left over love for this man. Who in his right mind would leave his sick child behind, drive 700 miles at night to beg for somebody´s love? Right, a looser.

There was my closure, right in front of me, in my living room, typing Whatapps like a maniac and waiting for my permission to leave, looking totally distressed. Like a child, but it was not, it was the same perturbed 40 year old man that had perturbed me and everyone around him. A pure narcissistic asshole.

Six months prior to this Woody Allen scene I had moved out of the family house with nothing but a few suitcases.

Crocodile needed to break free I sensed so last Christmas, I wrote a good bye letter to my in laws and I announced the divorce to my friends and family. 

Soon thereafter, crocodile was “in love” with someone else he would post pictures on Facebook with a young girl that looked like a cheap version of me. They would go on vacation, take pictures on our bed, appear dressed up dining at fancy places toasting with champagne, proposing. Crocodile came to my doorway to show me his tattoo while trying to convince me that he could easily remove it or change it if need be.

I feel sorry for the new girl, she is just another prey, feeding the crocodile’s ego. And she is in it thinking that the man she sees now is the man she gets. He is offering her flowers, attention, jewels and trips. But none of it is for her. He wants to impress and have someone around telling him how wonderful he is.  “I do not care about her happiness Rachel, I care about mine”. He concluded.



Chapter 57. Crocodile is in love

Very in love, he says, he sold the house, the company and wants to move to Puerto Rico with a 28 year girl that makes him feel X and makes him look Y. That is the key. He also wants me to tell his mother about his plans. This love he feels for this woman, this rush, makes it impossible for them to be apart which only proves how scared he is of being alone.

Crocodile and Miss Reggeaton (which is the term that I use to decribe a young girl that listens to that kind of music and postes pictures of her butt on Facebook) have been together for six months. During that time, they have done nothing but to share with the world how happy they are. They travel each weekend, stay at 5 star hotels, go to Michelin Star restaurants,  announce their relationship on social media. The beauty of social networks, the perfect life. Yet, every once in a while, I get a message from crocodile in distress:

“Miss Reggeaton is leaving me, all because of you. She says that I gave you everything, too much…and that she cannot deal with that…” A couple of days later they are off to a new destination.

“Miss Reggeton is coming to town on Sunday, it might be the last time I see her. A couple of days later he is gone and does not call or see his daughter for two weeks.

Manipulate and you might find yourseld manipulated by someone smarter than you.

So I called my best friend the other day “Hey what is going on, what do you think about social media?”

“Everything that you do is amazing and if you work hard enough you look great all the time. So happy, so perfect. I coud not say….Rachel, please focus on your moments and truly enjoy them, they are nobody elses´business…my wife is obsessed with that shit, she spends three hours in bed looking at bloggers and reading about a crocodile. Have you heard about it?”