Chapter 61. Sociopathic Love

A sociopath man is incapable of loving. Watch out for a sudden lack of empathy, remorse, shame or guilt and manipulative games that can dragged any woman into illness, psicological and physical. All of a sudden, a sociopath might seem bored around you, ready to humiliate, ignore you with his actions and hurt you with his words.

Many people men or women find themselves married to a nacissistic sociopath. A person with an ongoing disregard for the rights or needs of others.

Below is a list of what constitutes sociopath behavior in a man engaged in a romantic relationship:

  • they are extremely charming at first
  • they promise the moon, they know how to make a woman feel special
  • they are extremely generous at first and will make you a part of everything
  • because they cater to themselves first, they are usually successful and wealthy
  • they are very impulsive
  • they have high IQ (some of them do anyways)
  • they might have had a difficult childhood or parental relationship
  • they might have been arrested
  • they rationalize the pain they inflict in others
  • they are unable to feel remorse or guilt
  • they can be promiscuous and act normal the next day
  • they have a grandiose sense of self
  • they think that they can rule the world
  • they do not have many friends, they might have a “bitch” easy-to control best friend
  • they have the ability to remain calm under pressure
  • they have micro expressions of anger
  • they are easily ofended
  • they are prone to drama
  • they can turn their emotions on and off
  • they use intense contact with their victim to manipulate
  • they stay away from other sociopaths
  • they know what they are

So, if you find yourself exhausted, analizing a situation over and over where you think you did nothing wrong but somehow you are the one to blame, if you are always catering and “doing favors” to your boyfriend, if he gets mad all the time and defensive when he is at fault, if you are trying and trying to show love and get nothing back, if your knee hurts and he doesn´t care but when he is sick you are always there and takes it for granted, if he went from making you the center of his attention to hardly spending time with you, if you think he lies, if you think he cheats, if somehow you find out about those things and he tries to justify saying that “you leave him no choice but to be that way” you are dating a sociopath.

It is very difficult to get out, it is very painful to let go. You want the charming person back, you want the man that loved you back.

He does not exist.

I am turning off my phone tomorrow in case a sociopath calls me and tells me that I am after all, the woman of his life and that he will always be there for me.


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