Chapter 62. Your kids, my kids

Kids are part of the equation when you are dating after 35. Maybe you managed to stay child free and you are planning weekends to adults-only resorts every chance that you get but if you date someone with children from a previous marriage, you will have to deal with things that you have never imagined before.

Crocodile´s girlfriend does not want to date a man with children so she has managed to make crocodile forget about his little girl.  It is hard to believe that men are so at ease leaving their offspring behind once the woman of their life is no longer the mother of their children. There are exceptions of course, you can always find that one man that will fight for custody but, in most cases, men are just fine moving on to the next stage of life “solo”.

A woman would never do that to their kids! a woman would never put her kids to the side for anybody. True, but many single woman demand that from a man as a pre requisite to being together. That way they want have to fight for attention. Period.

They won’t have to mind, compromise, deprive. None of those verbs will apply when his kids are out of the picture. Because some women simply don’t want kids, don’t like kids, can’t have kids and don´t have any desire to be around other people´s kids. Can’t blame them.

Many men are now dating younger women who are not ready or are unsure about giving anything up. Single life seems a more appealing option.

Having children / co parenting children means giving up on a lot of the fun. Unless both parties have children from previous relationships.

That’s a different post.


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