Chapter 63. Crocodile´s New Girlfriend Bites

Everything was going relatively well until this Saturday.

I was at home with the kids when my cell ran. Unknown number, I picked up.

-Please put your daughter on the phone we are so concerned about her. You are keeping her hostage and we are very worried.

-Who are you?

-I am Crocodiles´girlfriend.

She sounded really different from what I had imagined, like when an image does not go at all with a voice. Like that. She spoke really slowly but there was something utterly disturbing in her enunciation and the way she started the conversation. Not the right voice and certainly not the right person. I had imagined a sweet woman taking my place. Somebody much younger easier to control and to impress, a woman more laid back than me. I was wrong. Very wrong. Miss Reggueton is faisty, she is rude, bad spoken and overly trashy.

Blocking her on my contact agenda was not enough. She managed to send me messages via whatapp the next day warning me about her while I was at the park with my children. Threats, insults and the most disrespectful language one could think of followed on Monday morning, to the pointwhere it became amusing to see that somebody is angry at your mere existance. A poor girl that has nothing to communicate exept her own fears.

Dating a man who was married to somebody else is a new arena. Its a tough place to be when insecurities arise and ex wives are in the horizon dating other men, looking good or simply having more fun.