Chapter 64. The crocodile and the cicada

The cicada said:

– Hello crocodile, what are you doing alone in this pond? Were you abandoned? You should not be hanging around all alone, you look kind of old to me. I would stay and keep you company but I have a great life to enjoy. My life is great just like me. I am young, you are not, I am fun, you look miserable by the way. I feel sorry for you crocodile, you might never find somebody like me. Bye.

– Wait, I have something to show you. I am not old. Want to see it?

– No thanks, my time is too precious for old lonely crocodiles.

– Nonesense! You don´t know who I am! I once had an Empire. I was rich, I was rich and powerful. You can´t say those things to me. Besides, I am not old, I am not old! I am never getting old. Yes, you are younger but I can be just like you. And my life is greater than great. Want to see it cicada?

– Not really.

– Please! Let me show you. You will be impressed!

– Okay…if you insist. But I am doing you a favor. Being with you, an old crocodile, abandoned in a pond is a waste of my time. I am too good for you. You are lucky that I even talk to you crocodile. I don´t care who you are. You don´t look all that great. And… you are ugly.

Crocodile left and sold his pond, he sold his soul, he sold everything that he had to prove to the cicada that he was a powerful man, worthy of her love and attention.

– You are so nice! Thank you for staying. I promise you that you will not be deceived. I will show you the world, will bring you the stars and the moon. With you I will regain my power, my youth, my crocodile bite.

And they went on and off for a long time. Crocodile brought the cicada to his new magnificent pond, but she did not like it, it was not good enough for her she said, so crocodile followed her to wherever she wanted to go, he made an effort to look good and young for her, care free like her, bought her great presents, put up with the cicada´s fits (she was young so she could afford having a bad temper) her desires were now crocodiles´ duties. Nothing else mattered more than her not leaving him.

Because after all, he was old and lonely.


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