Chapter 68. The big butt

Loving a guy with a big ugly butt is an unpleasant thing, it deprives us from the moment that all women love the most, that is: admiring a good rear from the bed after a sexual encounter or some other perks that come without saying.

If you have ever entered the big saggy butt garden you know what I mean. You think, he’s got pretty eyes, he is a nice guy, he is a hard worker and goes out of his way to make me happy, he is intelligent, he brings me the stars and the moon, but his butt… I prefer not to look at it.

The same goes with men’s prominent stomachs but I guess that bellies are more bearable than ugly butts. If it looks like that now, what is going to look like when he is old? You better don’t find out. Let another woman deal with it! Ditch him.

Should you find yourself in the bad scenario of loving a guy with an ugly butt do not panic. Love is blind and worst things can happen. Providence might help you and make that guy leave you instead but keep in mind that just like after a tropical storm comes the sunshine, after a saggy butt comes a firm one, a really perfect firm one. You will find yourself admiring it, over and over and over again.

The simple pleasures of life!

P.s: yes, there is only one thing worse than an ugly butt…


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