Chapter 71. All you need is love

Recently I went to see this musical based on the original movie The Bodyguard. Most of us know the story: rockstar hires a really hot bodyguard falls in love, and then says goodbye to the hot bodyguard after he saves her life at the Oscars’ ceremony.

Even though they love each other, in the end they decide to split because they reckon that they are not what each other needs. I am really confused because according to the oldest book “if I don’t have love I have nothing” and if you are not religious the Beatles say it too “all you need is love”

I guess not.

The idea of “love is not enough” hit me hard in the face back then and it did it again at the musical. I did not get it the first time, I still don’t get it, and judging by the amount of crying and weeping going on around me at the theater when Whitney sings “I will always love you” I dare to say that most people have a bit of a problem with this fact.

Many people think of love as an equation, add ups and minuses and base the future of a relationship on the equation results. But what about feelings? What about love? Isn’t love supposed to be the fiercest force of all, capable of anything? Isn’t love unstoppable? Yet, how many people don’t dare to expose themselves to love because of this silly equation? Stability in a stagnant marriage, status, money, work or professional success like in the case of the movie are put first. How many relationships are broken hidden or sacrificed on behalf of this equation? At that point, when you decide to put your love second, where do all those kisses that you want to give and choose not to give go? Where do your feelings go? Where does your happiness go? Where does your life go?

Personally I prefer the Beatles’ point of view. Love is all you need. And when the equation comes before love you are depriving yourself from having it all.


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