Chapter 75. The One

We met at the park. An open space is the perfect space for big overwhelming rencounters I thought and as I got out of the metro and walked there my heart was pounding. I felt as excited as on our first date, it was NYC 1998.

We have known each other for 20 years now, that is a long time and for all those years we have kept an eye on each other, like two guardian angels that are busy doing other things but are connected. So when he told me that he was coming to see me in Europe I could not help feeling excited, very excited. Once again, 7 years later our paths were crossing.

I am not the same person, he is not the same person, but our souls are exactly the the same than when we met. Me, a troubled kid, him, a troubled kid. Scared to death and aware that we are not young any more, that tomorrow is no longer waiting for us to grow up, tomorrow is now.

I took a deep breath and kept walking, thinking that it was a matter of minutes now, knowing that he was already there waiting for me made me feel even more nervous, I was the one showing up, so he was the one staring and waiting for me to appear amongst the crowd. What am I going to say? What am I going to do? Kiss? Hug? Hug and kiss? This man is the man of my life, the one and only and he knows it.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I did not have time to think about the small details before I knew it, his arms were all around me. He seemed taller and stronger than I remembered. I felt home.

It has been one month since he came to London. My life has not been the same since he left, my mind gets flashbacks from his visit. I analyze every word that he said, visit each shared moment. Now that he is gone I feel as content, as fortunate and as empty as ever before but somehow I feel content, content for having someone so special, so true and so familiar in my life.

I look at the pictures, wait for him to wake up on the other side of the world, look for new WhatsApps, the weird, the short and everything in between, draft my responses. Did I say too much? Are we going anywhere? Does it matter?

Life goes on.


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