Chapter 77. Men always come back

After a few months, even years, men start to miss what they once had. So while women hit the ground first and bounce back quickly men do something very different. The opposite, actually.

At first, men feel free and euphoric when they feel single again, the breakup feels like something liberating and like an opportunity to only think about themselves and do whatever they want to do (be more work focused, have sex with other women, go out and be silly, hit the gym more) but later everything starts to feel heavy on them. The countless nights alone in hotel rooms while they are traveling for work, the good night messages that don’t come any more, the little things that you used to do, the way you took care of yourself, the way you made them feel when you two were having a good time or looking for something nice for the house, in short, the ideal home that you once offered. The stability. Men need stability, a place to call home and a loving woman to go back to.

So while you have moved on with your life and you feel stronger and more beautiful than ever, maybe even in love again, your ex now seems more lost and confused than before, he might even feel that despite everything that has gone down (all the frustration and all the falling apart) in his mind, you are and forever will be, his point of return. But with one subtle difference: you are not, you are gone for good and he just hasn’t got the memo.

Why is so?

Once a woman closes her heart or gets disappointed by a man he loves is very hard to win her back, to get back into the heart, if not impossible. Men can take back a woman more easily than women do. Women are emotional beings with high standards for what constitutes feeling reassured, protected, safe, which are the things that most women value more in a stable relationship. So a guy that has hurt you once could stab you twice and that is simply not a safe bet for any woman after the age of 30.


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