Chapter 83. Good intentions

At the beginning of any romantic relationship, we are all filled with good intentions. We want things to work out and last forever, we say and do things with the best of our intentions and set the bar really high. Sometimes to impress the other, sometimes moved by the excitement of the moment, sometimes dreaming out loud because Gezz does early love makes us dream or what?

We feel like the main characters of a romantic comedy, life becomes a movie but with a catch. In a movie you rehearse, you learn the lines and know the ending beforehand. In real life you don’t.

Life is like an ongoing rehearshal of a movie that won´t have an opening night. An absurd performance where nobody has read the script and where at times, we become mere characters spitting out lines and carrying out actions over which we have no control. Actions and words that will have irreversible consequences over our lives by the way….oh yes:

You and I rehearsing for a life together, you and I saying good bye across a table, me fixing things because you can’t, me complaining because the air conditioning was not working in the apartment this summer. You lying, coming and going, me getting the feeling that you hide stuff from me. The spilled coffee on the coffee cup plate, late breakfast…my reactions, yours…

And then silence, the lack thereof.

You waking up there, me waking up here.

I still like the idea of a castle with you, but this castle that you offer lacks foundation and I feel like there are tenants and other landlords that live inside”

Intentions are good for nothing when reality hits. And reality tends to hit hard along the road. That is why that married man won’t leave his wife, that is why that widow will not move in with you even though she intended to. He or she said that they would, yes, it was their intention to do so, but then life happened. The job, the promotion, the sick child or the many other things that get in the way of this poor thing called love.

All those good intentions and promises that we make in the early love stages end up biting us in the butt, resulting too often in heartbreak and disappointment or perhaps even frustration.

Blame love and movies for making us all believe that love conquers all, more often than not it doesn’t.

But it’s certainly worth the try!


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