Chapter 89. Flirting on Whatsapp

Flirting on Whatsapp should become a national sport or a medical treatment. It releases endorphins, allows you to procrastinate for hours, if you are lucky even for weeks in a row, gets rid of anxiety and gives you a high*

What a better way to escape from work, a train commute, a doctors’ patient waiting room a boring meeting, a family gathering an award ceremony, a kids movie, etc.  than to flirt with that one person that for the past few days has been feeding you with good vibes and excitement?

I personally love this sport and I highly recommend it. Not only it allows you to be dreamy and happy about your day all day every day, it is also a great way to exercise your mind because let´s face it; when we are flirting with someone for the first time, we try to be witty to appear sharp, intelligent, alert, funny, so the messages that you compose force you to be more creative, more alert and ready for what is coming what is he/she going to respond to that? I better be ready! There is no better time than this.

Then there is that important factor:

The wait.

What an amazing high to see the message pop up! You were waiting, expecting even and boom! What a rush to hit the send botton and to wait for the two lines to become blue (except for people who don´t have that activated) I hate those MFKers.

The down side is when you make plans to meet with a friend that is flirting on Whatsapp. That sucks. Because your friend might probably do this: ignore you completely. It´s a new reality. We have all been there.

Technology has completely changed the rules of the game. Now you can flirt with a complete stranger via instant message and buid a lot of anticipation before the first date even happens. You can have a LDR with someone via instant message, it does not matter if that person lives in another continent. Do you have FaceTime and whatsapp? Yes? Then it´s doable.

Some are even talking about the perks of having a “virtual” boyfriend or girlfriend. It allows you to focus on your life more while fantasizing about your “loved” one or what is yet to come. It applies to sex to. Some friends have even declared to have incredible orgasms just thinking about it.

Could it be that we are becoming more and more comfortable with the virtual and less and less comfortable with the real?

How many of you follow someone on social media get the illusion that there is some sort of bond and then, when you meet the actual person in person you feel that there is nothing to say?


*DISCLAIMER: provided that the interest is reciprocal, if not, it has the complete opposite effect.


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