Chapter 92. Rich men have affairs at lunchtime

We had not even started the main course and he was already offering a trip to Cuba. Then he announced:

“I’m not leaving my wife” it sounded as a condition to carry on with the conversation.

“I haven’t asked you to, I am not leaving my husband” I replied.

He was on this website for married dating with discretion. A website with over 45,000 users and counting.

It appears that infidelity with discretion (while appearing to have a happy married life) is now embedded into the social system, the more money that you have, the better your wife lives, the more doable it becomes, the internet has made it even easier.

Well off people and their secret agreements. They do not make drama about infidelity no, what do they do? They are discreet about it. Only trashy people talk about affair problems openly and publish their miseries on the internet. People who lack style and who make us feel sorry for their manners.

Classy wealthy people don’t do that kind of thing. They get home early, cook dinner, put the kids to sleep and drink a glass of wine with their significant others. They appear content, respectable in front of society and never ever cause scenes. But each morning, when they wave their partners goodbye from the car and for the day….their fun begins.

They might say it is a work meeting, a work trip, a friends gathering, whatever respectable lie they think of. The other person will hear it, suspect is a lie, look the other way and think: “Fine, of course”.

I will take someone to a hotel room between 3 and 5 and then come home to you at night with a warm loving hug. I will listen to your existencial concerns, talk about the garage opener not working and the new cleaning lady cutting the hours short right after we live the house. Good thing the alarm and the security cameras are working and can warn us about the rip off, right?

“I will fire her next week honey don’t worry”.

Rich people have affairs at lunch time.


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