Chapter 93. Emotionally Faithful

-“I never cheated on her, you know? I am emotionally faithful” he said to me as he finished his beer. – “You have to understand, you are a woman, the most understanding woman I know, actually. You are a bit like a guy. I am sorry for saying this but it’s true. This is very simple guy reasoning”.

– “What do you mean emotionally faithful?”

-“What I mean is that I love her and care about her. I provide for her and she has everything she could ask for. Yes, I sleep with other women here and there, I am a guy you know, we do that kind of thing, sometimes to prove something to ourselves ok listen I am going to be very honest here, I even like to pay a woman sometimes to do what I need without having to pay her drinks or dinner…but I am emotionally faithful, yes, given the fact that I am only emotionally involved with one. There is nothing to freak out about this I think. All guys or maybe I should say most guys do it. Now she is not talking to me because she found out…Uhh..Can I come to you place? We can order some pizza or something? I am a mess if she leaves me. I just can’t be alone. That’s it, you know this about me. I don’t want to be alone. I am terrified.

“Ah…that” I had not been able to listen to the last part. The realization and this new concept was so strong that I had to keep processing what I was listening to.

So this man unveiled to me how many men see it. It is OK to have sex with other women as long as your wife has it all and you don´t get emotionally involved.

We went out that night, he kept tipping the waitress… I kept drinking my beer.

The whole conversation kept pounding on my head. I looked at him there he was, playing pool, he seemed content now, as if my presence there had provided some validation to his theory, he kept looking at me smiling. I shouldn’t even hang out with a guy like this.

I saw him a couple of weeks ago. His wife had filed for divorced, apparently she was the one having an affair, an emotional one nonetheless. He called her a bitch of course! How does she dare to find someone who really loves her, called her everyday when he was on business trips fucking around.

Of course he did not get it. He was destroyed.

“He is a fucking looser! He does not even own a business! What am I going to do now alone? I asked her if I could move to the guest house. She said no”

Go figure.


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