Chapter 94. Perfect couple

They were perfect from day one but they did not know it. Everyone could see they were meant to be. The way they interacted, the way their body language was just synchronized and easy. Carlos used to tease Linda a lot, Linda would get irritated like old couples do, but not mad, because she never got mad. She didn’t even get mad the weekend we all went to Vermont skiing and we abandoned her to her luck in the bunny hill for beginners. She stayed there happily with a bunch of kids.

By the time we got back from the slopes, tree hours later, she had the bunny hill down and a big smile on her face, she was happy to show us her progress. Later on we went to hooters because the guys wanted to check it out. That was the first and only time I went to hooters. Nice wings.

It was a year earlier in Philadelphia and I was invited to go to a BBQ with my husband, the host was a Colombian business consultant who had a big house and a yard and a grill. All we needed.

I loved meeting people and eating and drinking so this seemed like a good plan for a Sunday because to top it all, there was dancing in the afternoon. Salsa dancing. My husband was not Latino and his moves were not paired with the rhythm. I had spent years trying to teach him how to dance at no avail. His German gens kept getting in the way I guess. So I had to find another dance partner. The host seemed like the perfect choice.

A few minutes after arriving I noticed that Linda was in charge of the house. Is she dating Felix the host? Nah! She is married to Carlos, the tall guy, my husband said.

“They don’t wear rings”

“Ok then they are dating for sure” he concluded.

But none of that was true. In fact they were friends. Carlos and Linda were good friends, but Carlos was kind of a loner, a 35 year old bachelor set in his ways. Felix and Linda were good friends also and if you ever asked any of them about getting together they would start laughing so hard. I started to dance with Felix at all the parties. He is the only man to date that made me dance like a pro. His moves were just heavenly. The more I danced the more I enjoyed it and I would look forward to dancing with him. Strangely there was no sexual tension, then I got it, Felix was gay.

With Felix out of the equation there was only Carlos left. But Linda kept denying the existence of any romantic liens between them.

“Me and Carlos? Never! He is impossible!”

I saw them both last three years ago. They came to visit me here in Seattle.

They came to introduce their baby girl.

And they were wearing wedding bands.


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