Chapter 20. Getting stood up

Being stood up by a guy is a very humiliating thing, being stoop up by six guys is trully awful. Up until that point I did not know what it felt like to be stood up but I can say this: Not good. At least that evening I had been stood up as part of a group…although that fact did not make me feel any better to be honest, maybe only worse.

After that incident we decided two things: 1. we were not calling it at night and 2. we needed another drink. So we went looking for a nice place for us to sit down and forget about what had just happened. Of course we found a cool bar full of good looking people and younger women who had not just been stood up. All the tables were occupied. At that point I was annoyed.

Then, after some minutes of wait ,a group finally left and we ran to grab the table. We sat down and immediately ordered drinks and cigarettes. We barely spoke to one another. I drank my drink quickly and was ready to order another when the phone rang. It was Fifi announcing that he was coming over, or that they were coming over, Aurelie was not sure of what he had said…

My second drink had not arrived at the table yet by the time I saw the six guys back in the game. I was mad, very mad at them and I was not the only one but being the intelligent women that we are we decided that we were there on vacation to have a good time and that our evening would be a lot better if we hung out together. So after they apologized and invited us to join them at  bigger table we accepted. They were utterly funny and witty I must admit. Their goofiness was hilarious  and their British sense of humor made you want to listen to their jokes and perfect performances all night long. One of them, Myles, had this Huge Grant thing going on. Gestures, mannerisms, sense of humor, looks. I think that we all found him the most attractive of all. Except for his trousers which he wore way too high in the waist. Still, he had a very distinguish Brit thing going on his favor.

I was stuck with Michael, a.k.a. Prince Charles (don´t ask why). He was gentle but clumsy. He sat on my Michael Korss bag, broke the handle and said it was a fake. That made me incredibly angry. I can have normal or inexpensive shoes but don’t talk like that about my purses. In spite of this insulting moment, his conversation was enjoyable and the more we got to know them the funnier they became as a group.

Many hours later we were still having fun and decided to go back to our boat to continue the party. They preferred our boat they said. Sailing was “the real thing” they thought that it was absolutely amazing that six women had decided to sail, much more charming and adventurous than a yacht…so we were picked up in style this time by Fifi´s crew who took us all back to our boat in a magical high speed ride under the  Sardinian stars. As we were leaving beautiful Porto Cervo behind and we were getting around the cape I thought “You never know how things will turn out for you in the end”.

And yes, it is true because by the time we got to our boat we saw the silhouettes of at least five women standing on the windows of the guys´ huge yacht and I wanted to pull my hair, I understood the previous episode at that moment. The ladies were screaming and shouting from the far, not very ladylike I must say, they sounded really drunk to such point that one of them took a zodiac over to our boat jumped on it and started to hit Myles until his nose was bleeding.

What a great night.