Chapter 95. Love the artist

I always knew that my third husband would be an artist.

I have done the foreigner, the business man, it’s time for an artist.

Artists have always fascinated me. Their ongoing suffering, preoccupation, fear, anxiety and nostalgia are common to me. Artists are like any other men but more honest. They will tell you things like “I am good for nobody” or “I can’t belong to you” or “I want to die” or ” I am not interested in a relationship because I hate human kind” and it´s true, we always hurt each other along the way…

Statements like this will set the bar low and prepare the ground for what is coming: just life, mere existence shaped in moments and shared ephemerally with some artist that feels ten times more, sees ten times more, suffers ten times more. Someone that announces to be selfish and harmful from day one. I´ll buy it, who wouldn’t? Finally the truth.

Artists are special beings indeed, to be preserved, loved and nurtured. To be understood, supported and most importantly: inspired. Only one kind of woman can be with or be loved by an artist: a muse, a woman strong enough to inspire during the artist´s creation / destruction process of each day, a woman that is above the mediocrities of human kind. A woman capable of playing the part and put up with the drama for a period of time regardless of its duration, a period during which the artist will feel alive, will breath fresh air, will find hope and energy to do what they do best: art.

Art in whatever form it is it’s an expression of the soul and the soul of an artist should be preserved and fed, perceived as the most expensive jewel in a jewelry store since it communicates the common feelings of a whole society at a given time.

Frida, Gala, Alfonsina, Rosalía, Isabel and thousands of others are nodding at this.


Chapter 74. Being happy

Being happy means living a fulfilling life and being at peace with yourself. Loving yourself. Often, we focus too much on finding love outside but what about love inside? Do you love yourself? Do you respect yourself? When was the last time that you were kind to yourself?

Inner peace and mindfulness are fundamental concerns for smart individuals these days, increasing needs for those who have overcome the ego phase, where only the superficial and the selfish reside. In order to find wellness, a balance between soul, body and surroundings must exist. You have to quiet your mind, listen to your breath, work your body and feel healthy all day, eat good food, enjoy the small things.

We see so many people and so many bloggers focused on expensive clothes and physical appearance, working hard for people to envy them for what they do, who they date or what they have. This only adds to human distress. It shrinks the heart and stops us from being free and honest. Who looks great all day everyday and wears the perfect outfit or has the perfect life at all times? Who hasn’t been in hell while in paradise? Right.

Honesty is the new trend, real life, real women who love themselves and do the best they can, yes, that includes dressing up to the nines occasionally, but above all, who have a purpose.

Happiness is about having a purpose. If you still don’t have one find it.